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The gallery shows an overview of ceramics made during the past number of years whilst working from my studio in the ancient hilltop town of Llantrisant in South Wales. I have recently moved my studio from Llantrisant to my home in Llantwit Major.  My new workspace is tiny and I have yet to see how that will impact on what I make.
Most of my work is wheel thrown, burnished and low fired without glaze. I love the effect produced by fire on the smooth clay surface, and my interest in primitive firings is reflected in the form and finish of my pieces. 
More recent pieces, however, uses heavily textured surfaces in juxtaposition with smooth surfaces sometimes glazed or sometimes burnished, and some black porcelain pieces recently made may be part of the way forward.
I also enjoy modelling figurative pieces and make miniature textured tiles assembled as clay collages. 
My formative years spent in Africa still have a huge influence on my work, and I travel back regularly to find inspiration in the natural beauty of Southern Africa.



Personal Profile

I have been working as a studio potter for more than forty years, initially in my country of birth, South Africa, and in Wales in the UK for the past thirty years.
My work is mostly thrown on the potters wheel and my interest is in form rather than function. I prefer working with the effects of fire on a burnished, unglazed clay surface and use various types of saggar firings to achieve distinctive colours and effects. 
Recent work includes sculptural pieces and tile panels, as well as jewellery.
I regularly exhibit at ceramic fairs in the UK and in South Africa and my work can be found in a number of galleries in Wales and England.
I am a professional member of the British Craft Potters Association and also a member of South Wales Potters and Vale Makers, based in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan where I Iive.





12 -14 July 2024



9-11 August 2024

West Bristol Arts Trail

All Saints Church

Pembroke road


12 -13 October 2024


UK 07768 736166

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