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A few examples

I have always been interested in bold and creative jewellery. For my necklaces I combine handmade and thrown ceramic beads with interesting beads that I collect during travels abroad and through  internet searches.  Especially during lockdown when my studio was out of bounds, I enjoyed assembling my collection of beads into necklaces.
My inspiration is often the beads itself: gemstones and ostrich eggshell beads from Namibia, handmade glass beads from Ghana, brass beads from Senegal, antique beads from markets in France, and any other source that will compliment my eclectic style of jewellery. Most necklaces have my own ceramic beads as the main component. 
Expressive and unusual, my necklaces are all unique one-off creations.


Single thrown bead in blue, white and rust earthenware suspended on a wire with a magnetic clasp.  Reversible.

A necklace combining a saggarfired  thrown central bead with two tagua seed beads, two semi-precious stone teardrop beads and handmade, saggarfired ceramic beads.

This long necklace in pinky shades has a thrown, foilsaggar-fired central bead, combined with saggarfired handmade ceramic beads and silver coloured spacer beads. 

These single thrown beads are creations unique to me. Each one is different and also reversible. 
They are finished in the different techniques that I also use for my ceramic vessels, and therefore individual miniature works of wearable art.  They are suspended on a wire and fastens with a magnet at the back.

Thrown bead necklaces - Potfest 2023.jpeg

Single bead necklaces thrown in black porcelain clay and combined with smaller porcelain beads, semi precious stone beads and glass beads. These are made in my own style, suspended on wire and fastening with a magnetic clasp.  Every piece is entirely  unique.

Single pendant neckpieces in black and white making a statement that is brave and yet conventional with references to victorian fashion where portraits were often used as decoration in jewellery. Again simply suspended on wire with a magnetic clasp, these pieces are unusual and unique.

Necklaces in black and white using a combination  of my own handmade beads, lava beads, bone beads and more.

Necklaces combining my handmade textured ceramic, extruded  or marbled beads with copper, wood, seed and bone beads. Each piece is a unique creation.   

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